Manifestation of Tawheed in Day-to-Day Life.

How can we manifest tawheed in our day-to-day life?

What is the life-governing principle? How tawheed manifests in our day-to-day life? How did tawheed manifest itself in the first generation and changed them and made them the carrier of the message that changed the whole world. While Prophet (ﷺ) had summed up the message of Islam by saying:

“I was only sent to perfect for you the highest of moral characteristic.” [1]

The essential message of tawheed is moral message. It is not a technological message. We don’t have the technology which the world needs to come to us. Of course, in the past, we had the technologies, when we were in Spain, Baghdad, we were the leader of the sciences when Europe was in dark ages. And it ended when Renaissance began. But, that was coincidental. What is most important is the essential of the moral message which lies and bases the tawheed, the message of Islam. We should have a correct moral relationship with Allah, a correct moral relationship with our fellow human beings, and a correct moral relationship to the world we lived in, which Allah created for us for our own benefit. A moral message that remains unique today. This is what we have to offer to the world. We don’t have technologies to offer today. But what we have today to offer is the moral message of Islam. A message which doesn’t change for 1400 years, because it is based on the revelation. It is a rock-solid message of morality.

The rest of the world is changing morals. The big issue today in US is gay marriage. Obama has thrown his wave to those supporting gay marriage. There are oppositions, mainly are from religious elements. Islam has no room for discussion regarding to this matter. There is no changing of views. Islamic moral message remains unchanged. For everybody else, it is a question about democratic morality. Democratic morality means, what we think good today, can be bad tomorrow. And what we thought was bad today, can be good tomorrow. That is democratic morality. Because as long as the majority of people feel that this is ok, then it is ok, and people changed. When we go back to 60’s, around 50 years ago, you ask average Canadian or American what they think about homosexuality, they will say that it is bad and nasty. But at 70’s, when you ask them same thing, they will say that it is a lifestyle. It is a complete change. At 60’s, there was a special status for the homosexual, and treated as a sick person. But at 70’s, it’s changed into homophobia, the fear to homosexuality. And the people who fear the homosexuality were treated as a sick person. A complete opposite.

When I was in high school in Canada, there was a book from 50’s called “Cutter in the Right.” The book declares pornography, not for public consumption. By the 70’s it became a required reading for high school student in north area. How come that happens? Islam offers stability of moral principles which we start from family, building block of society. Children respect parents, parents look after children, an extended family, and everybody is involved. This is a solid foundation of society.

Today, in the society around us, the family has been disintegrated. A family can consist of two fathers. There is a book, available in US today, which usually used in grade two and three, called “My Two Dads”. It tells the story about Tom and John. Johnny has father and mother. But Tommy, he has two dads. And Tommy’s two dads really take care of him. They take him to the beach, take him to the playground, take him everywhere, and they had great time with two dads. And of course, it could be two moms. Single parent family also considered as a family unit. Family is breaking down. Children then despise their parents and blame them for everything. Everything goes wrong, the children will blame their parents. After the parents getting old, they can’t take care of themselves, and then the children will throw them to old people house. Abuse can be found everywhere. What can be expected from that kind of society, where the children hate their parents?

In Islam, the basic principle is,

“…not to say to them “uff” and don’t repel them…”[2]

We, as muslim, are not allowed to say “uff” to our parents in any conditions. It is forbidden to say anything rude to our parents. We can see a whole different perspective on life.

Islam, the message that changed the world, was one, which gave a clear picture of who God was. We wouldn’t be confused between two Gods, or looks like the creations, or even a part of creations. And at the same time, it gave us a moral foundation for human existence. How we relate it to God, which is worshipping him. How we relate it to human beings, which is social control, relationship based on the law of one God. And how we deal it to world around us? Looking after it, taking benefit from it, and not abusing it.


[1] [Narrated by al-Bukhaari in al-Adab al-Mufrad (273)]

[2] [Qur’an 17:23]

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