Joining Police Force in non-Muslim Country

Is it permissible to join the police force in a non-Muslim country?

In general, there are some hadeeth which indicate that joining the police force in a non-Muslim country is not permissible. However, if one establishes an area which is a Muslim area and you develop or have police force for that area who are muslims, then this is something permissible. This is the circumstance where we could say that it would be permissible. But of course, we don’t have that circumstance; we haven’t been as wise as the Sikhs in Bampton which is a Sikh town where they have all of the facilities, the governmental officials everything that are Sikhs. We should have this as Muslims. We far outnumber them and we have a stronger basis - Islam that pulls us together. But we have neglected this principle of Hijrah.

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