Jesus and Submission to the will of God

Did Jesus teach submission to the will of God?

The message of Jesus (peace be upon him) was submission to the will of God, as it is stated in the Qur’an,

“Religion in the sight of God is the submission to the will of God...” [1]

which is Arabic is expressed in the word ‘ISLAM

In the Gospels, we find Jesus (peace be upon him) saying,

“None of those who calls me LORD will enter the kingdom of God. But only the one who does the will of my father.” [2]

which also means submission of our will to the will of God.

In John, we find Jesus (peace be upon him) saying,

“I cannot do anything of myself, I judge as I hear. My judgment is honest because I’m not seeking my own will, but the will of him who sent me.”[3]

This was the religion, the message of Jesus (peace be upon him), ‘Submission to the will of God’ the One God'. He came as a prophet, calling people to worship as the prophets before him.

God says in the Qur’an,

“We have sent to every nation a messenger, calling them to worship Allah, One God, and to avoid the worship of false god...” [4]

So this was the essence of the message of Jesus (peace be upon him), that only God Alone deserves to be worshiped and that the worship of anyone or anything besides God or along with God is false. Jesus (peace be upon him) not only called people to this message, but he practically demonstrated it for them by bowing down in prayer and worshiping God himself telling his followers to worship God. Not in anytime telling his followers to worship himself. He called them to worship the One God. This One God has clarified in the Qur’an that God is unique in His quality. He does not share His attributes with any of His creation in their perfection. There is nothing like Him. He cannot be worshiped in His creation. One cannot bow down to an idol and claim that he or she is in fact worshiping God which is present in the idol. Those who bow down to idols, when you ask them why do you worship this idol, something which you made with your own hands or you molded it yourself, he replies that he is not really worshipping the idol. He claims that the idol is only a focal point for the presence of God, and thereby claim to be worshipping God who is manifest in the idol, and not the physical idol itself.

There is little or no difference between that explanation and the answer given by Christians for worshipping Jesus (peace be upon him). The origin of this deviation lies in the false belief that God is present in His creation. Such a belief justifies the worship of God’s creation, that is, the people are worshiping God’s creation instead of worshipping the creator. No matter how you call it or how you explain it, the fact is Jesus (peace be upon him) said to worship the Father God, my Lord and your Lord, my God and your God. But today vast majority of Christians pray to Jesus (peace be upon him) claiming that he is God. So the message of worship of One God has become distorted in time beyond the worship of Jesus (peace be upon him) to the worship of saints. Catholics have a long list of saints who they turn to in times of need. If they lose things they turn to Saint Anthony of Thebes to help them find these things or to do things for them. If they are going on a journey they prayed Saint Christopher for protection up until 1969. The Catholic Church decided to cross Saint Christopher off saint’s list because after a historical research in to the origin of Saint Christopher it was established beyond reasonable doubt that Saint Christopher was fictitious, so he was crossed off from the list of saints. Unfortunately there are still many Catholic Christians around the world who are still praying Saint Christopher.

This act of praying to Saint Christopher and to other saints contradicts and corrupts the worship of One God. Worship should not be shared with God in anyway shape or form. This was the message of Jesus (peace be upon him) and all of the prophets before him and the last Prophet, Muhammad (ﷺ). Worship should not be shared in any way with God. So if you find a Muslim or the one who calls himself a Muslim praying to somebody who he calls a saint, that person though he calls himself a Muslim has stepped out of the bounds of Islam. Because Islam is not merely a belief, wherein one only says I believe that there is no God but Allah and Muhammad (ﷺ) is the messenger. True this declaration of faith allows one who declares it to enter the doors of Islam, but there are many acts which may contradict this declaration of faith and expel the doer from Islam as quickly as he or she came in. The most serious of those acts is praying to other than God.

Since Jesus' (peace be upon him) religion, and that of all the earlier prophets, was the religion of submission to God, known in Arabic as Islam, his true followers should be called submitters to God, known in Arabic as Muslims. Muslims do not accept being called Mohammedans, as followers of Christ are called Christians and followers of Buddha are called Buddhists. Christians worship Christ and Buddhists worship Buddha, the term Mohammedans implies that Muslims worship Muhammad (ﷺ), which is not the case at all. This is why Muslims do not accept to be called Mohammadans.

So the essential message was that man should worship God Alone, not His creation in anyway. God is beyond His creation. Consequently, His image cannot be painted, carved or drawn. He is beyond human comprehension. We worship Him through His attributes which He has revealed to us; that He is All Merciful, He accept repentance, He is just etc.

Christians ask 'Don't you make a picture/Don't you have a picture in your mind when you worship God/How can you worship God without His picture?'

The point is, once a man makes a picture of God in his mind, he is in fact making God like His creation because our mind can only picture the things which we have seen and God CANNOT be seen-in this life.

So we can say without a doubt that Jesus (peace be upon him) is the Prophet of God, and his message was that of Islam- submission to the way of God. Read the final revelation-The Qur'an, read it! In that you may catch the message of Jesus (peace be upon him) at several places and in that way everyone will gain salvation which I'm sure each and every one of us seeks in this life.


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