Jesus is the way to God

Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the light, none can come to the Father except by me”, that means we should pray to him, pray through him. Jesus is God.

That is not what those words really mean. The way meaning he showed the way, all of the Prophets of God showed the way. And even in your scripture, it is worth reading in the Old Testament, the Book called Numbers, I am just giving you one verse for reflection.  Numbers 23, verse 19 to reflect on. Where it said there that God says, it is in the Old Testament,

“God is not a man that He should repent, nor is He the son of a man that He may die.”[1] 

Very clear statement. God is not a man. Now you have been taught that God became a man but it is stated there that God is not a man. You may be taught that Jesus was the son of God but at the same time, he was the son of Mary, of a human.  And He said, “nor is He the son of a human that he should die.” So the text was there, and there are many people who have written books and have given talks about how the Bible led them to Islam. The truth is still there, if you look hard enough.


[1] Numbers 23, verse 19

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