Issue of Ilhaam

Can it be correct to say we received Ilhaam?

No, this is incorrect because we do not know if the ideas in our heads are inspired by Allah or Shaytaan. So for someone to claim they have received some idea or knowledge via Kashf or Ilhaam is incorrect.[1]

Ibn Taymiyyah says about this topic:

We do not deny that people may experience some kind of Kashf, whether when awake or in their dreams when the soul is less connected to the body, either by means of spiritual practices or otherwise. This is the psychological Kashf which is the first type of Kashf. 

But it is also proven through rational evidence as well as Shar’ee evidence that the jinn exist and that they tell people things about the unseen, as happens in the case of soothsayers, those who are possessed and the like. 

The second type is that which is done by outside forces, such as the jinn who tell the soothsayers many things. This is something that is well known, especially to those who have experienced it, and we have come to know about these things on many occasions. This is a type of Kashf that has nothing to do with the first type.

With regard to the third type, it is what is conveyed by the angels and this is the noblest type, as is indicated by the texts and by rational evidence. Information about the unseen may come from psychological sources, or from evil sources, whether they are satanic or not, or it may come from angelic sources.[2] 

 Based on the above, we cannot tell if the idea/knowledge placed in our mind is from a good or bad source, so we should abstain from such claims.

Furthermore, claiming to receive Kashf/Ilhaam has been the first step for many people to fall into deviation. Many people who make such claims end up claiming to be Awliya (Saints) and end up going astray and leading others astray.


[1] Kashf refers to inspiration received from unknown sources. Ilhaam holds a similar meaning

[2] (Al-Safadiyyah, p. 187-189)

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