What is Islamophobia?

As Muslims it is important for us to understand the forces that are playing. What the media presents is often times a mixture of facts and fiction, is agenda based and tends to promote the most negative possible images of the Muslim world. We are in an era known as the era of Islamophobia. There were studies done in the UK in the nineties, and the run image report substantiating the feelings or the positions held by the Muslim community, that Islamophobia was in fact in operation there in UK and many parts of Europe and elsewhere. Islamophobia, being a fear of Islam, an irrational fear, one which really doesn’t has a textual or political base, but one which has been created either by the media selling newspapers, creating viewership or by political figures in different countries, in order to divert the matters in those countries from the real issues facing them; political issues, economic issues etc. To have the matters focused on an element in the society, to be in fact the point of which people may blame. Assign blame to which element of the society? The Muslim element in the society as the source of their problems.

Islamophobia is also a product of an overall struggle that exists on a world scale between the Shari'ah and what is known today as secular democracy, secularism in particular. Secularism is a belief of political system in which the role of religion is removed from various spheres of education, economics, political expression etc. Religion is taken out of that sphere altogether. Whereas Islam, based on the principle Shari'ah, holds that religion should influence all aspects of life, that is the basis of Muslim belief. We do not have a tradition of separating which is called church from state, church and state is one. So from the Islamic perspective, Islam should govern education, economics, politics, all the various aspects in countries where Muslims are ruling. Where Muslims are minority, then of course it is not possible for them to implement the Shari'ah.  However, again, a fear has developed in America, for example, where a number of states have banned Shari'ah. Most people who are politicians who have been involved in this, if you ask them what is Shari'ah, they really don’t know. To them, it’s synonymous to terrorism. So everything is now related to terrorism. But in fact Shari'ah for you to ban, it means you are banning Muslims from practicing Islam because when Muslim prays 5 times a day, he is implementing the Shari'ah, when he or she fasts the month of Ramadan, they are implementing the Shari'ah, when they make hajj, they are implementing the Shari'ah. So the Shari'ah governs all of one’s life, to the degree that they are able to practice it. So this move to ban the Shari'ah is actually ludicrous, in the same way people don’t understand what the Shari'ah really is. So this is really what is at the bottom of most of the terminology seen in the world today, which is actually concerning the Muslim world. Where the values of secular democracy have dominated most of the world.

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