Islamic Ruling regarding blowing oneself up

What is the Islamic ruling regarding the young lady who blew herself up in the subway in Moscow?

Suicide in Islam is Haram. That is something no scholar, who is a scholar says otherwise. Suicide in Islamic law is Haram without a shadow of a doubt and blowing yourself up is an act of suicide and we put those two together and hence it is not permissible. This is my position, now, if others want to say it is halal, then they say so.

We have people who say it is halal to take mortgage, we have people who say it is halal to take interest, you can find opinions, whatever. But in the end, what we look at here is 'what is the evidence?'. We have clear hadeeth of the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) which have no uncertainty in them which prohibits suicide. For somebody to say, no, it is permissible , we have to say, 'bring your evidence that this is permissible'. And you will not find any example from the life of the Sahabah where they did this. They may have gone on what is called 'suicide missions', meaning, that when you go to do this act, the chances of you coming back alive are very small. This is a well known military circumstance. They call them 'suicide missions'.

Like in the case where they were trying to kill Musailamah. Musailamah and his forces had blockaded themselves in a fortress and they couldn’t get in. One of the Sahabah said, okay, you push me over the wall, I will get the gate open. So they pushed him up over the wall and he is going over the wall. Now, he is going where? He is going into the midst of the army of Musailamah. That was a suicide mission. The likelihood of his coming out of that alive is very small. But in the end, he killed Musailamah and he survived. It was very small but he survived. That is the difference. In suicide missions, chances are very small but there is a chance that you will live.

When you put bombs on yourself and you press that thing, there is no coming back. There is no chance at all. This is clearly you killing yourself. So scholars have made exceptions where people may put themselves in those kinds of suicidal situations for military advantage, in order to protect the army, where the army have to retreat and the enemy is coming, you need some people to slow the enemy down, so the rest of the army can get away, so they stay back, three-four guys are staying back and fighting off a whole army, chances of their survival are very small, that’s a suicide mission. The head of the military can suggest this. In order to protect the overall army, you may lose certain lives here which is legitimate. But we don’t have the situation where when you do your act you are in fact killing yourself where there is zero, there is no possibility of you surviving. It is not a question of small chance, small likelihood, no, we are talking about zero. You are dead, you are killing yourself. So that methodology Islamically is not acceptable.

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