Invocation at the Time of Iftaar

While breaking the fast during Ramadan,

1) When exactly do I say the invocation? before taking the date, during or after?

2. What is the period (time span) that is regarded as the period of accepting dua' of Saa'im?

3) Do we have to raise hand while making invocation before Iftar? or we just praise Allah, send Salaam to Prophet (ﷺ) and make dua' without raising hands before Iftaar?

Please let me know what is the proper way?

  1. You say the dua' before eating; as soon as you hear the Maghrib Athan or when the time to end the fast is up.
  2. You can make dua' a few minutes before the Maghrib Athan until you hear the Athan.
  3. You can raise your hands in dua' before iftaar. You may also praise Allah first and then send Salaam to the Prophet (ﷺ) and then ask Allah of your needs because this is the Sunnah way of doing dua'.

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