Interaction with Muslims who Commit Shirk

How do we handle, communicate or interact with Muslims who are involved in clear acts of shirk?

How do we interact with them? Should we avoid them? Should we stay away from them altogether? On the other hand, should we treat them kindly, still communicate? Should we invite them to your homes?

If we are Islamically obliged to treat the non-Muslims kindly, who are involved in shirk also, then surely a Muslim who is involved in shirk can be treated kindly also. Moreover, if we were to give them da'wah without having treated them kindly, it would be very difficult.  If we have treated them harshly, our words are harsh our actions are harsh, then it would be very difficult to carry the message across to them, just from a da'wah perspective.

We know how Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) carried his da'wah. Following his example is that we should treat them gently and kindly, while still hating in our heart what they believe. It is not that we are going to tolerate and accept what they believe in that sense, but in terms of our dealings with them, we make that distinction.

Yes, you can invite them, but off course, the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) has said ‘you should only let those who are righteous and God fearing eat our food. Therefore, you would not do it on the regular basis but for an occasion of da'wah, you can do it.

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