Illogical arguments for denying Allah

What are some of the illogical arguments used by those denying Allah?

The message of the Prophet (ﷺ) is summed up in the short chapter at the end of the Qur'an, commonly known as Surah Al-Ikhlas. But also refer to by the early generation as Surah at-Tawheed, the chapter of at-Tawheed. And at the very first verse of the Surah,

“Say, He is Allah, the uniquely one”[1]

That is tawheed in a nutshell. Say, He is Allah, the uniquely one. Not just Allah who is one, that is waheed. But ahad means, uniquely one. One like whom there is no other. The rest of the surah is only explaining the details of the unique oneness of Allah. How it is different from all other things in this world. And that is the essential message that we need to convey. That message is the light that the nations of this world need, whether they are secular, or whether they have rejected God altogether.

They argue that God is only a figment of human’s imagination, mass delusion, irrational, and illogical. Though, if you listen to their argument, they are the ones that are illogical and irrational. They say that this is all an accident. This is the foundation of secularism; religion is made up by human beings. Our existence, everything around us is all an accident. Listen to their argument, and you will hear irrationality. You will hear an illogical argument which goes against all human reasons. Though, they like to say that those who believe in God are the ones that are irrational.

They say: “You know, you are just following blind faith. There is no logical reason why you should believe in God.” If that is the case, then why everywhere there is faith in this world, people believe in God? We will find that back in the history, everywhere. Those who don’t believe in God are very few. They may be loud, may be very vociferous, you can find them in television and newspaper, but they are very few. That in itself is proof that they are coming from an illogical point of view.

But just to give you a brief example, that qul huwallaahu ahad is talking reality here. They refuse to believe in uniqueness in God and that God created all of this. They say that if we take the paints in the color of the rainbow and mixes in a bucket, then throw it to the wall, it is possible to appear as the picture of Rembrandt’s Monalisa. We know that when we throw that paints in the wall, it will splatter and may form something that looks like the hand, foot, etc., but it is not the picture of Monalisa. But, they still argue that it is possible if we try it a billion times. It is very illogical because they have blind faith that one time it may happen.

So, qul huwallaahu ahad addresses the reality that there is a God who created all of this. This is a part of our message, that that God who created all of this is uniquely one, not as people have deviated into. They have the belief in God everywhere you go, but that belief which was originally taught by the prophets got corrupted. So, God became something mixed up with the world around us. Something that they felt could be tangible, we can put our hands on, and we can look at it. So, God can look like a man, they said. There are people who believe that God became a man and walked on this earth among us, like Jesus. If God became a man, then He is like everybody else, He is not unique. And in their story, Jesus died. He is not unique at all, because it means that God is same as everybody else. So, the uniqueness of God is undermined and destroyed once you believe that God became a man.

We can also find this kind of belief in other societies, such as in Hinduism. They have a god called Ganesh, the god of good luck; he has got the body of a human and head of an elephant. And those who worship the idols, they are divided into two groups. The first group believes that the idol may do something for them if they worship the idol. The second group, the more philosophical group, say that actually, they are not worshipping the idol, but the idol is the means of focus, the God is concentrated inside the idol at the time of their worship. They claimed that they worship the God inside the idol, not the idol itself. It is only an excuse made by them, because when the idol is broken, they need to find another idol that is not broken. It means, they are still worshipping the idol itself. For them, God has lost his uniqueness. The Hindu, when they worship the idol, they have some rituals around their idols, called puja. They ring a bell in front of the idol to wake up the idol. What is this? People can sink to that level.

So, qul huwallaahu ahad destroys all of the misconceptions of who God is. The true God is uniquely one.

“He is self-sufficient”[2]

He has no needs. No need to ring the bell to wake him up in the morning. He doesn’t fall asleep. Everything is dependent on Him. He doesn’t depend on anything else. So we know that He is not a part of this world and His creations. Those who deny God’s existence say that the world has no beginning. When we see everything happens in this world, we can see that it is like a domino effect, every single thing is the cause of other thing to happen. But if we said that the world has no beginning, who is the one who pushed the first domino? It is not logical. So, the very fact that we exist now is the proof that someone started the whole process going. If God is the domino like the other dominoes, he will need somebody to push Him.

“He doesn’t give birth…”[3]

These are animal functions; giving birth, having a son, and having a daughter. Greeks and Romans believed that God has a wife, He has brothers, sisters, kids, and whole of family. This is making God like us, not unique anymore.

“…nor He was born”[4]

There was no time when God didn’t exist. Because if God didn’t exist, nothing will exist. So, Allah is truly unique. This is the essential message that the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) brought, the essence of tawheed, the uniqueness of Allah.

“There is nothing similar to Him”[5]

And this is just repeating what was said in the beginning i.e., there is nothing similar to Him.


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