Husband refusing to divorce while not fulfilling his duties

How should I get divorce from my husband who is of bad character, doesn't fulfill his duties and refuses to give divorce?

The man is not fulfilling his duties as required by the Sharee’ah.  Allah states,

“...Upon the father is the mothers provision and their clothing according to what is acceptable (on a reasonable basis)...” [1]

He also said:

“Men are in charge of women by (right of) what Allah has given one over the other and what they spend (for maintenance) from their wealth...” [2]

So, you have the right to ask for divorce. However, since he did not grant you the divorce; tell your relatives about the issue, and your desire to end the marriage. There is a process known as khul’ whereby you initiate the annulment of the marriage by giving him back his mahr. This can be discussed with your relatives.


[1] [Noble Qur’an 2:233]

[2] [Noble Qur’an 4:34]

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