Foundation of Muslim Belief

Is Islam a blind faith?

The six pillars of emaan are belief in Allah, belief in His angels, belief in His books, belief in the messengers, belief in the last day and belief in destiny. These six pillars, which constitute the pillars of faith, the foundation of Muslim belief, were identified 1400 years ago. They are not pillars which people agreed upon after Prophet Muhammad’s (ﷺ) death, where there were discussions and people had meetings and eventually they came up with these six, no, like the five, they were taught by Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) in his own lifetime, and that is what unites Muslims throughout the whole world and that is what holds Islam intact and will continue to hold it until the last day.

So the first of the pillars of faith is belief in Allah. Belief in Allah, what does it mean? It means belief in Allah’s existence, belief meaning having certain belief, a belief, which is free from doubt, a belief which a person feels confident about. There are people today who would promote the idea that belief in Allah is illogical, its blind faith, that everything actually points to there being no God. However, one should be certain that belief in Allah, belief in God’s existence is logical, it is reasonable and in fact, it is the disbelief in Allah existence which is illogical, which is based on blind faith.

Belief of God’s existence was held by the founders of logic, the Greeks, ancient Greeks, Plato and Aristotle, leading thinkers amongst the Greeks who are revered, virtually worshipped by western civilization. They argued, logically for the existence of God, logically, using pure logic, they argued there must be a God. So we ask those who say it is illogical to believe in God, what happened with Aristotle and Plato? The founders of your logic.

So we should have no doubt that what is proposed by others, that this existence that we live in is a pure result of accident; this is illogical, it goes against all of our mental processes. When a person walks on a beach and he or she sees a footprint in the sand, what comes to mind logically. If we think in terms of those who say belief in God is illogical; belief in accident as being the creator is more logical, then we have to say that when you see that footprint in the sand, the first thing that should come to the logical mind is that the waves came up onto the sand, sunk into the sand and formed a footprint. But who thinks that? No one thinks that. Whenever we see a foot print in the sand, we say somebody was walking here. That footprint indicated that. That is logical thinking that somebody made that footprint, it didn’t happen by accident. Though it is not absolutely impossible that the seawater could sink into the sand and form something looking like the shape of a footprint, its not impossible but that is not what comes to our mind. So those who claim that the whole of this world’s existence is a result of an accident, that is what they are trying to say and we say okay, if there is one foot print, a result of an accident, how about all the footprints? No, even if we accept that one footprint could be the result of an accident, consistently, every time we see a footprint, that’s going to come to your mind? No! And that’s what they’re saying, illogical, the whole of this existence is a result of an accident, chance, no designer; design was a product of accident.

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