Following a Da’eef Hadeeth

Is following a da'eef hadeeth bid’ah? Is a person sinful for following such a hadeeth?

Following a weak hadeeth which has no support from other ahadeeth or any basis at all in the Sharee'ah is wrong because this means that a person is acting on statement which may be falsely attributed to the Prophet (ﷺ), that is, a person is acting based on a lie. We have enough authentic hadeeth such that if we follow all of them we will hardly have time to act according to weak and fabricated hadeeth. A person who follows a weak or fabricated hadeeth may narrate it to people and that is a great sin. Shaykh Khaalid al-Husaynaan wrote a book entitled 'More than 1000 Sunan (sayings and acts of the Prophet (ﷺ)) Every Day and Night'. This book was published by Darussalam and it is in circulation and available. If a person buys this book and follows what it says they will have no time for bid'ah.

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