Fighting to Defend Islam

Why is the physical defense of Islam considered terrorism today?

These are general terms. If you take an instance out of history and try to apply it across the board, it can’t be applied. Because each instance of history happens within a context of a situation. When you are going to apply principles that they applied back then, you have to say, is our society like their society back then? If not, if you try to apply it, there will be error. We need to look at existing circumstances, what is their state here, is it like Medina, or like Makkah?

We are still in Makkan period. What did Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) do in Makkan period? He focused on the da’wah to establish solid foundation, and when the time became right, then the foundation will change the world. That is the way. So it is not appropriate to use approach like war and fight in this time. We need to understand Islam and use the methodology of Rasulullah (ﷺ).

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