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Why is Islam so easy for males and so difficult for the females?

There are two elements here actually.

On one hand there is a general misunderstanding, if we view that a woman has to cover up herself while men don't have to cover themselves. That is a part of ignorance because there are dress requirements for men as well.  However, Muslim men today don't follow Islamic dress requirements, and this is the reality.

For men, we know that the awrah (part that should be covered) is between the navel and the knee, not including the navel and the knee. We see men wearing pants. I am not talking about Turkish pants, or shalwar of the Pakistanis whose waist is very big; rather we are talking about Western pants where the philosophy of fashion is "if you have it, flaunt it". What does that mean? If you look good, let everybody see that you look good. When they make pants, the number one goal is to expose the awrah, so it is cut in a certain way and stitched in a certain way that your behind and thighs are hugged by the pant, so if you bend over wearing pants in the mosque, people going in sujood would have to say, “Authubillah” (I seek refuge in Allah), and they can't look in front of them, otherwise they will be looking at a man's private parts.

 We know that one of the conditions for validity of salah is satrul awrah (concealing private parts) but we are coming and praying in these pants.

Now, what happens in Islamic countries? If a practicing Muslim’s wife wants to wear a spandex outfit (those people who are skaters, racing skaters have outfits, which are like somebody sprayed color on them) and wants to come out in this outfit, he wants his wife to cover herself, covering awrah loosely, but what about the man himself?

We have double standards. It’s okay for men to expose their awrah but not for women. That goes back to ignorance in the ummah. When you look at the early generation where colonization started in the Muslim world and pants were being introduced, you find that whenever Muslims wore shirts, they would come down beneath their knees. In Malaysia, they still wear sarong (wrapping around in order to cover awrah) but once the prayer is over, they take out the sarong. There is something wrong here- is Allah only in the masjid? This is ignorance in the Muslim world which gives the impression to non-Muslims when they look from outside that for women Islam is too difficult but for men it is easy.

Even some women might think that men are lazy, but are they actually?

At least one week per month women don't have to pray, while men still have to get out there into the masjid, so there is no time off. But Allah gave women time off. Men have four weeks for fasting, but women have three. See where's the difficulty and ease? In fact when you look at it, a man is made more responsible than a woman. Who is responsible for looking after the financial needs of the family? Is it the responsibility of women looking after men or a man's responsibility to look after a woman? So it's a gross error to think that for men, Islam is easy and for women it’s difficult. When you actually go through and look at various ahkaam, rules and principles, men are burdened with more responsibility, and since they are the head of the family, they would be asked first before anybody else.

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