Faith, the ultimate solution to Drug Abuse

Is faith the ultimate solution to Drug Abuse?

Well we see that strong faith has been, if we go to a country say for example, Egypt, its 80% Muslim and in Egypt you have breweries where alcohol is produced so it means that anybody who wants, there is no rule that says Muslims can’t go into bars but yet the vast majority of the population doesn’t engage in it. They are teetotalers. How did we manage to do that? When America, for example, they banned alcohol for about 11 years, why? Because they knew, its harm was obvious, was clear. It didn’t work. They were forced to get it back WHY? Because the faith was not there. To try to impose it externally, without people having a conviction, a commitment, all the people who work with alcohol, who have 12 points- how to break drug addiction, No.1, you got to connect to a higher power because you can’t do it yourself.

The program of alcohol, it's synonymous, it's clear and Islam offered it from the very beginning that the only way out is with the help of god, Allah (سبحانهُ وتعالى) He is there for you, if you turn to him sincerely and asks for his help, then He will help you, but you have to be sincere about it and then you have to take steps for it. Of course it has to be two aspects, one is link with God, asking for His help and the second one is to take definite and clear steps to end the addiction, but one has to know that it's possible. No one should feel that you can’t give it up but you must know that Allah hasn’t prescribed or put you in any situation, which you cannot handle. So you are capable, you have to go back to the famous saying, “I can do it.” It’s just a question of how and when? So we need to get back to the house when and go ahead and do it. We know that ultimately there is a solution because Islam does have the solution for all of these problems and that is the thing which attracted me the most, made me to become a Muslim was the comprehensiveness of Islam, where nothing is left out, no aspect of human life is untouched by Islamic teachings.

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