Faith based on Emotions

What is your advice for people like Christians whose faith is based and developed on emotions rather than knowledge? How do you give Da'wah to them to make them understand to base their faith on knowledge?

Well, this depends on the person. What your relationship is with the person. It is difficult. But I would say that you can point out to them that there are others, Buddhists, Hindus etc, who have the same thing. So what happens if we go now and see a Hindu doing his stuff and people are getting healed and all this. Then are they going to start to believe and worship the idols? So this is a common sense here.

People say “I know that Jesus is God because I raised my hands and called on Jesus and my prayers were answered. So I am sure". So you say, what about the Hindu who calls on Shiva and his prayers were answered, then what? Shiva is true too? So you have to think that everybody raises their hands, if prayers were never answered except when people raise their hands to Allah, will there remain a non-Muslim on the earth? No. It would spread like wildfire. You just have to raise your hands, call on Allah and your prayers are answered, and there wouldn’t be a single non- Muslim on the face of the earth. So the trial is that everybody raises their hands, some prayers are answered, some prayers are not. But we have to decide who is answering the prayers here. Is it Jesus, is it Shiva, Buddha or is it Allah?

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