Existence of God

How do we answer those who do not belief in the existence of God?

If He did exist why does He leave the sick to die?

Illness which came for the believer is purification, so for a person, if he or she is patient it purifies them. Illness is a way of punishment for those who are sinful. E.g. Aids, most of the sufferers of Aids have homosexual or heterosexual lifestyle. Some do get it by blood transfusion, or childbirth which serves as means of test. In the end how we respond to it determines whether it is good for us. One who catches Aids and he realizes that his way of life was not correct – he will begin to rectify himself and then by the will of Allah will go to Paradise. However, one who is not homosexual and gets AIDs and he curses Allah, he may end up in Hell for cursing Allah.

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