Examples of Sunnah Hasanah and Bidah Hasanah

Please give me examples of sunnah hasanah and bidah hasanah so that i can understand better.

Sunnah Hasanah:

  • Invite towards Tawheed
  • Invite towards Prayer
  • Call towards good and forbid from evil
  • Lot of examples like fasting, to motivate to give zakaah, to perform hajj. etc


  • Their is no Bid'ah Hasanah,¬† all Bid'ah are Sayyi'ah.
  • Like sitting on graves.
  • Circling around the graves
  • Before call for prayer to read out loudly fabricated darood.
  • After prayer in Jama'ah to do dhikr¬† loudly in gatherings.
  • Lot of Bid'ahs related to dead one's; to recite Qur'an in gatherings, every Thursday to arrange special dhikr and gatherings on 40th day of the dead or on yearly basis. All these are examples of Bid'ah SayyiAh; to do something thinking good and noble, but not in the Qur'an and the Sunnah.

Hope it is clear.

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