Evil things happening in this World

Why does Allah allow evil things to happen in this world when he wishes only good for us? Why does Allah allow those things to occur which are not in accordance with His wish?

Allah is Good and He wants the best for us. He wishes that we would do the right thing but He has also permitted us to not do the right thing. The reality is that, Allah’s wish has two aspects to it.

  • Al- Mashee’ah ash-shar’iah – Allah’s legal wish: This includes all that Allah has legislated, that is, those actions which He wants us to do and what he has instructed us to do.
  • Al-Mashee’ah al-kauniyyah – Allah’s creational wish. This includes all that he has permitted or allowed to happen. It includes those actions and deeds which Allah legislated for us as well as those actions and deeds which He prohibited for us.

It’s important to distinguish between these two aspects of Allah’s wish because it clarifies for those people who justify evil saying that if Allah had allowed it to happen, it couldn’t be wrong. This is in fact an old argument to justify evil. In Qur’an, Allah says,

"Those who worship others besides Allah will say if Allah willed otherwise, we would not have worshipped others along with Him, nor our fathers nor would we have had any taboo..." [1]

So, understanding these two aspects of Allah’s wish and His will makes it clear that we cannot use destiny to justify evil, nor can we say that Allah causes evil to take place. It is right that everything is in accordance with Allah’s will, but ultimately, because Allah is good, and He has knowledge of all things in control, Allah does not permit anything to take place in this world without there being a good consequence for it, a good consequence which we might be able to see and understand, or we might not.


[1] [Qur’an 6:148]

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