Emergence of Islam

Did Islam appear in the 6th century for the first time?

Islam is not looked at as being something which showed up for the first time in history in the 6th century, by the efforts of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ), based on revelation which he received from God. We don't look as Islam as having begun at that point. Islam began when the first man created, who was also the first prophet; Adam, and from Adam's time to that of Muhammad's (ﷺ), there were a number of prophets who came in between. All of these prophets are considered to be prophets of Islam. The teachings that they brought were teachings of Islam because Islam fundamentally means submission to the will of God. This is the essence of the religion which was brought by all of the prophets and that religion was one. People in time, due to nationalistic reasons or cultural reasons, etc. gave different names to the religions which were brought by the prophets, but the essence of that religion is one and it is fundamentally, submission to the will of God. This is why we say that Islam, when we talk about it in the final form, is a part and parcel of the Islam which was brought by all of the prophets. So in Islam, in its final form which appeared in the 6th century, we find that there are certain things that existed amongst the Arabs at a time when the message came. This is because, although the message is a universal message, and this is something made very clear in the Quran, we find the prophets that came before, like Jesus and Moses, who were sent to particular people in particular places for particular periods of time. Their later followers tried to universalize the message. However, when we look even at the existing writings that have been attributed to the prophets, we find that these prophets were sent to particular people, and thus, when we look in the Quran, we find numerous references where God says that Muhammad (ﷺ) was sent as a mercy to all mankind .

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