Effect of faith on happiness

What role does faith play in the context of happiness?

There are various studies where western researchers have looked into different groups of people and analyzed stress levels, considering the fact that stress which produces depression is one of the major diseases of our times. According to recent statistics, more than 20 million adults suffer from depression yearly in the United States. In fact, the death rate due to suicide was double that of those who died from AIDS in the year 2000 in the US. We mostly hear of the problem of AIDS, but depression is so much worse. Also more people die from suicide than homicide in the US, though crime rate in the US is very high.

Talking about issues such as stress and depression is very important; obviously one cannot be happy in a state of depression and stress. From research statistics, we find religious people are happier and less stressed than non-religious people in general. High religiousness predicts a low risk of depression and drug abuse, fewer suicide attempts and reports of a sense of well being.  Faith produces a better sense of well being among people than lack of faith.

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