Those who didn’t receive the Message of Islam

What is the fate of people who didn’t receive the message of the Qur'an?

Reading of the Qur’an, understanding its message and living in accordance with its methods is a way to Paradise. No doubt. However it doesn’t mean that those who didn’t read the Qur’an cannot go to Paradise. We have examples even from the Prophet’s (ﷺ) life where one of the people who accepted Islam, accepted it before a battle, joined in the battle and died without ever reading anything from the Qur’an. He didn’t make a single prayer. And the Prophet (ﷺ) said that he would be among the people of Paradise. So the fundamental key to Paradise is the acceptance of God in one’s life, the true God and to commit oneself to worship him alone. That is the main key.

The Qur’an explains that key in detail and how to apply it throughout your life and God has sent messages to human beings throughout the world. Those who didn’t receive the message in its pure form or with sufficient clarity to be able to accept it, then God does not hold them to account, because He is the one who destined how and in what circumstances they were born. And as Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) explained to us in some of his statements that those people to whom the message didn’t reach, they are known as ahl-ul-fatrah, the people who were in a state where the message didn’t reach them. Such people prior to the final judgement will be brought back and a messenger will be sent to them from God and they will be commanded to believe in God and to obey the messenger. And those who obey him will then go on to Paradise. Those who do not will go on to Hell.

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