Da’wah to an Atheist

How can da'wah be given to an atheist?

Firstly it is best to find out what the person feels on this matter. His understanding on the matter has to be found out. For example, people turn to atheism when they cannot explain certain mishaps in their lives. They feel it is unfair that certain things happened to themselves or some other person which becomes the core issue for their disbelief in God. Simply because they are incapable of understanding the reason behind tragedies, it is not justified to blame it on God since there are many other stressful and unfortunate circumstances in life which on a later stage developed into something good. The areas which cannot be explained are explained by areas you can see explanation for. There is a logical way to express it rather than simply rejecting God.

There are also other reasons for atheism such as an individual's upbringing in an atheist family.

Whatever be the reason, the best way is to find out the individuals understanding on the particular matter before giving any da’wah, as addressing the core issue is most important here.

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