Danger of Sufism

What harm can afflict the follower of Sufism?

The danger which came from this teaching - beyond taking people into a distorted concept of who God is, and encouraging them into mediation - was having mediators between man and God, which is Shirk. Much of what they are involved in is praying to the Prophet (ﷺ) or praying to a saint. This is open shirk, and they are being drawn by Satan into this trap.

In addition, Sufism preaches that whenever an individual reaches the level of being the Al-Insan Al-Kamil, the perfect man, it is no longer necessary for him to perform the external acts of worship that the masses of Muslims  are obliged  to perform, because, he is now one with God.

He’s the real light himself. Does God worship? Does God fast? No. Therefore, if you become God, there is no need to fast and worship anymore. Sufism promotes the concept of people being justified in giving up Islamic religious practices because of this artificial state of profession.

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