Concept of Migration

What is the full concept of hijrah?

It is hijrah from the sin towards Allah's obedience, wherein the Prophet (ﷺ) said: "Muslim is one from whose hands and tongue Muslims are safe, and the true muhajir, one who truly emigrates, is the one who abandons, leaves, goes away from what Allah has forbidden.”[1]

So the hijrah begins in the heart. It begins with the desire to abandon to emigrate from what Allah has prohibited and that drives the individual to do the same for his/her family and in order to do it, they need to seek the help of other families and ultimately they need to come together in Muslim town or actually leave, if it can’t happen, if the emaan (faith) of our children is being challenged and threatened then we have to seriously consider leaving.


[1] [Sahih Bukhari, Hadeeh:10; Sahih Muslim, Hadeeth: 41]

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