Coherence of the Qur’an

Is the Qur'an incoherent?

The Qur'an recital is Allah addressing humankind through Prophet (ﷺ) which is why the Qur'an does not follow the typical pattern of books. For non-Muslims often times and even for new Muslims and even for old Muslims, when they read the Qur'an and they find itself shifting from one topic to another and here and there, sometimes it becomes confusing. People have difficulty in understanding. Why? Why is it like that?

For non- Muslims it is a big issue because for them reading books, the Bible, the typical, these books are storybooks, novels. So when they pick up a Qur'an they are expecting a storybook. The only story, the only chapter where we have a story going almost to the end and even the last verses break away from the story pattern, but 90 % of the Surah is one story, there is only one surah like that in the entire Qur'an. If they happen to open a surah right away like that, what they see are topics concerning man, the universes, part of the story of Moses, Jesus, nature, then angels, the Jinns. For the person used to storybook way, it appears to be confusion, he will think Mohammad (ﷺ), he must have been high! Or he (ﷺ) was some kind of epileptic fits; they have variety of ways of having to rationalize what they find in front of them.

The reality is that the Qur'an is Allah talking to us, and the way that we talk, we don’t talk in stories. When you sit with a person for an hour, from the beginning of the hour to the end of the hour is he going to tell you a story? No way! Maybe for some rare occasions he has a long story to tell, but for most time we sit and talk, we don’t talk like that. We talk a little bit of this and a little bit of that, maybe a little bit of story here and that’s the way we talk. And the Qur'an is Allah talking to us, the way we talk. Somebody who was outside of your conversation, somebody else outside of conversation and is listening to your conversation which you were talking, if they listen to you talk for an hour, you are trying to shift from one topic to another, athird person is unable to link it up altogether because two people have something in common background which were unsaid, someone outsides the conversation would not know the basis but you would know it. Allah to human kind in talking like that, He is talking to humankind, clarifying who He is and in that clarification involves descriptions of Himself as well as descriptions of the world that He created, the reason for its creations and the creatures who He created, human beings He created. He is calling to them so that they realize He is the one who deserves to be worshipped and what the consequence of not worshipping and all of these issues, and of course He did send messengers carrying the information. It is not enough for us to merely know the information, but to understand how those messengers understood it and applied it. Hence when we understand the context then everything falls into place, it's all just clarification of Allah to humankind, their relationship to Him and the world around them, the parallel world of angel and jinn and what is to come at the end of this world. All of it is just one, there is thread which links each of the part of the Qur'an together.

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