Categories of Knowledge

What are the categories of knowledge?

Knowledge is divided into two categories

  1. True knowledge
  2. False knowledge

You may have to learn both, but you have to put the true knowledge in its correct perspective. Black magic would be considered a part of false knowledge. In terms of the day to day education we may learn false knowledge. It's Darwin’s theory that our great grandfathers were monkeys. They dig up bones everywhere and every now and then. The evidence is real and we cannot deny if they have dug up the skull, or bones or that the creature has been living millions of  years ago if they have done scientific tests and proven. There may or may not be falsified information and the evidence may or may not be true, but there's no proof of their claims. Something real and true like dinosaurs demands evidence. The question is: can they prove evolution through the evidence they claim? The evidence proves that there were such creatures existing on earth and they got extinct. The fact that they have similar features and form does not necessarily mean that they are related.

There are rhinoceros, one horned and two horned. There is also a beetle called rhinoceros beetle which has two spikes on its head looking like rhinoceros. None can claim that this beetle is related to rhinoceros. Simply because they are related in form does not mean that they are related. The monkey having eyes on head or five fingers is the theory of false knowledge including the idea that scientists are able to or will be able to create life.

The in vitro fertilization, which was there back in the 1960s meant that they take sperm from a man and ovum from a woman, lace them together in a test-tube from which an embryo develops. The development made huge headlines and it sounded like they mixed chemicals in the lab (because that is what we are all made up of), heated it and popped out a baby. All they did was manipulation and not creating anything.

 The search for false knowledge is desired to challenge death like the concept of cloning to live for ever. Allah said every soul shall taste death. In false knowledge, all the money and effort spent on is of no use. Allah sent a cure for every disease and there is cure for everything except death.

As we study, we have to be very careful of false knowledge. Earlier the books on science were written by Muslim scientists and learners. So when you studied books of biology, geology and other such sciences, it was taught by Muslims. Today the books are written in UK, US or India and the authors are usually non Muslims.

 Surely there is a body of false knowledge coming and we must go for the true knowledge that can be divided into true knowledge, useful knowledge or useless knowledge. For Muslims the true knowledge can also be divided into the categories of useful knowledge or beneficial knowledge and not beneficial knowledge which may not serve any real purpose.

For Muslims what is required is the knowledge acquired in school. You need to focus on useful knowledge. The knowledge of past battles is not useless because it showed how Allah supported the believers at different times, how they were defeated when they failed to follow the command of the prophet(SAW). A quarter or one-third of the Qur'an is History. For example, to gain the knowledge of the composition of dirt on mars, America sent rocket ships and rovers to find the composition of dirt there. As Muslims we say that it is the useless knowledge. In America there are 4 Million homeless people, although it is among the most powerful and developed countries. Kolkata was called the epitome of homelessness with many people living on the streets. There exist the empire state building, twin towers before they were knocked down. But in America we see people taking the leftover pieces of the cardboard and lying down sleeping on the side-walk. More than 4 Million Americans are homeless. They spent 4 billion dollars just to check out dirt in Mars. But it's a common sense to spend four Billion on the homeless people instead of spending it on checking out dirt in mars.

 The act of checking out dirt in mars is the useless knowledge. If all the place on our planet gets filled and there's no place to live in and we check out Mars, then it would be the useful knowledge.

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