Camelia Shehata

Please allow me to comment on your example of Camelia Shehata who allegedly converted to Islam, from a perspective of an Egyptian who is living in Egypt and who has witnessed this incident. Great demonstrations happened in Egypt to free Camelia Shehata after assuming that she converted to Islam and was kept away from the public by her family. After a while Camelia Shehata appeared on TV and claimed that she has never converted to Islam, which was a letdown for the demonstrators. Nevertheless we hear about stories of Christians reverting to Islam. If their families don’t agree to this they take them to the Church with the help of the police to force them become Christians again. The question that I have always been asking myself is why do the western media ignore these incidents?

As you have mentioned and I do agree that cases of all sorts keep on coming up. The media ignores and hides all the facts and truth most of the time if it portrays a positive picture of Islam and any good done by a Muslim Individual and only being reflected on that particular hero if they do mention it. On the other hand, if any Muslim and at times the so called Muslim does something bad, then the entire Muslim nation is blamed. Islam as a Religion is blamed and the list carries on.

Media is one of the fields we Muslims lack behind in. We need to be more active in it. Now a days we have various new ways of getting things done including social media which we shouldn't take lightly to. We can at least promote this part of the Media and get out the maximum from it.

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