Boycott and Assasination Tactics

How are the boycott and assassination tactics, which were used against the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ), reflected in our times today?

Quraysh used the tactic of boycott against the Muslims. Okay, lets starve them into submission. Starve him (ﷺ), of course, his (ﷺ) clan supported him (ﷺ). The Hashemite clan, they said ‘if you do it to him (ﷺ), we have to be with him, he is from us.’ So the whole clan came under economic boycott to try to bring him (ﷺ) to his (ﷺ) knees, to stop this message, but even that didn’t work. Instead, it ended with a miracle, which reinforced in the minds of those who wanted to think that he (ﷺ) must have been or must be a Prophet of God. The pact, which they had made and hung in the Ka'ba, was eaten except for Bismillah hir Rahman hir Raheem. That’s all. Bismillah, everything was eaten up even though the Ka'ba was closed. He (ﷺ) couldn’t possibly know what took place. He (ﷺ) informed them this happened and they went and confirmed that it had taken place. These were the evidences.

We have to kill him (ﷺ). Assassination. ‘This is the only thing that’s going to stop this man.’ ‘We just have to finish him off.’ ‘So no one clan is going to take the responsibility, so we all take the responsibility, we take young men from all of our clans and in one blow, we kill him (ﷺ),’ but Allah told him (ﷺ) to make hijrah, he (ﷺ) left, thwarted their efforts. After he (ﷺ) left, it wasn’t enough, they put a bounty on him (ﷺ) and sent bounty hunters after him and they almost caught him. Suraqa ibn Malik had caught up to him (ﷺ) but by a miracle from Allah, he was unable to get a hold of him (ﷺ). Then, after going to Medina, allies of the Meccans also tried to assassinate him (ﷺ) there, from Jewish clans but they failed.

In terms of the economic blockade, whenever the word Shari'ah comes up, you find the West keen on blockading, surrounding this and crushing it. Sudan is a classical example, when Sudan declared Shari'ah back in 1984; America put an economic blockade on Sudan, which lasts till today. The longest blockade in history with the exception of Cuba, to try to bring them to their knees and get them to give up this Shari'ah thing. This idea of Shari'ah, they don’t want it to spread. It's like a disease, they are afraid that if it spreads it will affect what? Their own economic well-being. In terms of the assassination attempts, we know assassinations are happening around the world. One of the earliest assassination was that of King Faisal of Saudi Arabia, a ruler who stood up to the West and said ‘Okay I’m shutting the taps, you know because what you guys are doing in Israel etc., to the Palestinians, I’m shutting the taps, we are ready to go and live in the dessert as we lived before, no problem.’ He was a man of principle but the only way to overcome that was to eliminate him, so he was assassinated.

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