Book on Jama’at Tabligh

What is your take on the following 2 books on Jama’at Tabligh:

1. The Jama’at Tableegh and the Deobandis: by Sajid Abdul Kayum (2001): A critical analysis of their beliefs, books and da’wah.[1]

2. 'Da'awah in Contenporary Times'.[2]


The Wikipedia source on Jama’at Tabligh gives us the information of the movement regarding who is the founder, when it was formed, what are the 6 principles they believe in, etc. It doesn’t analyse the movement from the critical perspective.

With regards to the book on Jama’at Tabligh by Sajid Qayyum, I have read the book and it goes to extremes and it somewhat seems to be an anti-Jama’at Tabligh book. I won’t recommend you to make up your view on this movement by reading this book.



[2] Wikipedia

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