Allah’s conversation with Prophet Mohammed (ﷺ) on the night of Meraj.

Did Allah converse directly with Prophet Mohammed (ﷺ) like He conversed with Musa (عَلَيْهِ السَّلاَمُ), or through the medium of Jibreal on the night of Meraj?

After Jibrael took Prophet Mohammed (ﷺ) to a certain spot (the lote tree, mentioned in Surah Al Najm verse 14), he said to Prophet Mohammed (ﷺ) that he (Jibreel) is not allowed to go farther than where he is, so only Prophet Mohammed (ﷺ) went beyond that, and Allah revealed to Prophet Mohammed (ﷺ), without the medium of Jibreel. That was given to him directly.

Allah knows the best.

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