Allah is above and beyond

In some narrations it is mentioned that “…one night Moses – peace be upon him – saw a fire and it encircled him and terrified him. Then His Lord called out to him saying: ‘O Moses.’ He immediately answered, finding comfort in the voice, saying: ‘I hear, I hear. I hear Your voice but I cannot see where You are. Where are You?’ He replied: ‘I am above you, in front of you, to your right and to your left.’ And he knew that this description is only befitting of Allah, Most High. So he said: ‘That is the way You are, My God. Is it Your voice that I hear or the voice of Your Messenger?’ He replied: ‘Yes, it is my voice, Moses.’” The narration quoted above seems to be contradicting with other verses of The Quran which say that Allah is above the throne. Please clarify.

There is no contradiction between the texts from the Qur'an and Sunnah stating that Allah is above His creation and the texts stating that Allah is also with His creation. Those texts stating that Allah is with us mean that He is with us by His knowledge and protection of us. For example, if someone travels out at night in the dark and says that the moon was with us on our journey, does it mean that the moon was physically with them? Of course, it does not mean that.

The following fatwa give more clarity on the issue of where Allah is:

Allah knows best.

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