Sana Gul Waseem

Intentions and Sincerity in Islam [Part I]

Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala and Prophet Mohammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallim, attached great importance to having sincere intentions. Intentions are the basis of any action. What you intend to gain from an act is what you get. As Muslims, what we ultimately want to gain is Allah ta'aala's pleasure. Hence we need to understand what intentions are and what does having sincere intentions entail, as sincere intentions help us gain Allah ta'aala pleasure.

Characteristics of the People of Paradise

We dream of Paradise as our perfect abode. Allah swt tells us in the Holy Quran, in the Surah Ale Imran about some characteristics of these people. They spend freely of their time and money and emotions , doing good deeds both when they the time and the resources to do them and when there is a crunch. These people are also able to restrain their anger when provoked and pardon people who have wronged them. But shaitan will never make it easy for the people to follow these commands. How does he trick people? and What rewards are we looking at for not falling for his tricks and staying steadfast will be dealt with in the above article.