Was Yazeed legit leader of that time

There is no prohibition from the Qur'an or Sunnah for selecting one's heir as the next Khalifah, although it is against the practice of the righteous 5 Khulafa and it mimics the practice of the Persian and the Roman empires. Moreover Yazeed Ibn Muawiyah was not the best candidate because of which many Sahabas from Madinah objected to this appointment. Considering all of these, do we consider Yazeed Ibn Muawiyah as a valid Khalifah? Assuming the answer is yes, how do we reconcile the opposition of Hussain Ibn Ali and other Sahabas against Yazeed Ibn Muawiyah and the below hadeeth of Prophet (ﷺ):

"One who defected from obedience (to the Amir) and separated from the main body of the Muslims - if he died in that state-would die the death of one belonging to the days of Jahiliyya."[1]

Historically, most history books acknowledge Yazeed Ibn Muawiyah as the legit ruler of that time, as did Ibn Abbas and Ibn Umar, otherwise they wouldn't have given him the pledge of allegiance.

As for Hussain and Ibn Zubair, we can say they made their own Ijtihad and in their Ijtihad Yazeed was not legit so that justified rebelling against him. Their Ijtihad was incorrect but we know that Allah forgives Ijtihad errors.

And Allah knows best


[1] [Sahih Muslim 1848 a]

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