Women in Nursing Profession

Women who work as nurses have to treat men in the hospital, they may encounter seeing private parts. Is it haram for them to work there?

Well, the nursing profession is one of treating the ill. Normally in a Muslim country you would have a section for treating women where the nurses would be female nurses and one for treating men where the nurses would be male nurses. That is the proper separation, avoiding the fitnah which comes by the intermingling. But in an emergency situation, then either one may treat the other where there is an emergency. You are on a subway, a women starts to deliver a baby, you are a male nurse. Can you help her? Yes, you help her.

But we would say normally for a man, if he is going to study medicine, for him to choose gynecology, we say no, Haram. As a doctor you would learn the basic skills of gynecology. So if an emergency arises you can help, but to say that is going to be my profession, gynecology, what are you saying here? It is not permissible. If you go to the profession of dentistry, this is another profession which Islamically speaking because of the closeness that the person has to be when you are working in people's mouth, where you see the dentist, he has got almost his nose in your wife's mouth. No, this is not appropriate. Where there is an emergency situation, it is another situation. But in Islamic circumstances, you would have dental clinics which are for men and dental clinics which are for women. This is the proper way. This is the Islamic way. People might say, this is being extreme. No, it’s not extreme. When you actually go and look at the numbers of cases of abuse of women because usually it’s not women who are dentist abusing men. It’s usually the other way around. The number of cases are quite large here in Toronto. Dentist who have been arrested for molesting women. How many cases? You can put up your statistics. This is abuse. Abuse which is going on all around the world because it is the nature of a man, no matter he has taken a hypocritic oath, he is still a man. No matter what oath he made, he is still a man. And you put a women spread out in front of you, please, it is not appropriate and it is just leading and encouraging abuse.

Of course feminists would say, look at this!` Reality is G.I. Jane is getting it, she is suffering in the military, as we talk about G.I. Joe, we have G.I. Jane now, we have women in the military who are doing everything that the men are doing but they are being abused at a rate which is way more than what exists in the regular society. Huge percentages, there are horrible stuffs going on there. But it’s all in the name of Equality.

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