Weak ahadith mentioned in ‘The Radiance of Faith’

Why are many weak ahadith related in Ibn Qudama’s book, ‘The Radiance of Faith’?

Why have they not been excluded?

Scholars of Islam throughout history have strived their best to use those ahadith that they see as being authentic. A scholar would never use a hadith that he feels is not authentically attributed to the Prophet (salallaahu alaihi wasallam). However, different scholars looked at the acceptance and rejection of ahadith in different ways. This is something that you will study in Hadith Methodology. So, if the author, Ibn Qudamah, mentions a hadith that we have been told is weak according to other hadith scholars, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he viewed it as weak.

Furthermore, when we study any book, we are not allowed to delete what we wish from the text. If there is something we disagree with, we can mention it in the footnotes,  which has been done by Dr. Bilal Philips.

And Allah knows best.

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