Time Period of Stages of Development

Dr. Bilal Philips says that the ‘Building Stage’ lasts until the middle of the eighth century, whereas the ‘Flowering Stage’ begins in the middle of the seventh century and lasts until the middle of the eighth century. Bearing this in mind, is there an overlap in the stages between 750CE and 850CE?

According to Dr. Philips, the ‘Building Stage’ covers the rise and fall of the Ummayad Dynasty. If we check we will see that this covers about a century from 661 (death of ‘Ali) to about 760.

The ‘Flowering Stage’ extends from about 750. The compilation of fiqh began during the ‘building stage’. This compilation of fiqh is the beginning of the ‘flowering stage’.

What we can see from this is that indeed there is an overlap. I think I have to mention that each stage in the development of fiqh did not develop independently and in isolation. Some elements which form part of a stage are found in the stage before it and the stage after it.

Compilation was possible because of the "paper" and this was discovered when China was invaded. Hence the ‘flowering stage’ was built around the compilation of fiqh.[1]

Only Allah knows best.


[1] Dr B Philips, The Evolution of Fiqh, 73 - 75

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