Talking during Athan

Can we talk (general) during athan or do we need to stop when it begins? If we are teaching/reciting the Qur’an or talking about Islam, do we need to stop? What if there are 3 athan one by one, should we remain silent for all three?

There is no authentic hadeeth which prohibits talking when athan is being made. However, we also know that answering the athan is Sunnah, i.e., when the muathin calls out the words, we have to say them after him, etc. Therefore, talking will definitely not give us a chance to follow this Sunnah.

Also, reciting the Qur’an at the time of athan clashes with this Sunnah, so it is better to answer the muathin and then continue reciting after the muathin stops. In this case you will answer the muathin of the masjid that you go to and in shaa’ Allah that will be sufficient.

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