Signs of a Blind Heart

What are the signs of a blind heart?

The first sign of the blind heart is negligence of Allah. It is a heart which is full of doubt and a doubtful heart is negligent of Allah. It is the type of heart which asks questions such as ‘who created Allah’. This is a ridiculous question to ask because Allah had no beginning, and you can’t create One that has no beginning. You can only create something which has a beginning. So, to ask who created Allah is a nonsensical question. Or some people say out of negligence of Allah, ‘I didn’t ask Allah to create me, so I don’t have to pray and do all these kinds of things. I didn’t ask Him to create me.’ This is again a sign of a blind heart. Such a person either doesn’t pray at all or prays only when someone is around. This is negligence of Allah.

The second sign is that admonition/advice has no effect. When people advise you to do good, it doesn’t have any effect on you. When people come to you with truth, you don’t like to hear it. You can’t submit to it. Advice has no effect, whether somebody told you don’t do it or they told you do it, it’s all the same. You are going to do it anyway.

The third sign is no guilt or pain when sin is committed, instead pleasure or peace of mind. When a person commits a sin or does what is haram, he doesn’t feel any guilt, instead he feels pleasure committing that sin. This is a sign among the signs of the blind heart.

The fourth sign is discomfort being in the company of the righteous and comfort in the company of the corrupt. When you’re invited to be amongst the good people who talk about Islam, you feel uncomfortable. This is among the signs of the blind heart. So, we have to ask ourselves, to what degree do we have these four signs. There are other signs, too.. The more of those signs we have, the more blind our hearts are. The less we have, the more our hearts are alive.

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