Shias and Muslims

Why are the Shias not considered Muslims even though they say the Shahadah? Aren't they our brothers and sisters in Islam based on the Shahadah? Should we not let Allah to deal with them as He will do with the non-Muslims and leave them alone?

The Shahadah has rights. If a person says the kalimah and does not respect its rights then his statement is hollow and his actions will not be accepted. If a person says the kalimah and does not back it up by an action which contravenes the principles of Islam, then his statement is just mere talk with no action behind it. The scholars of Islam never mind a general takfeer of the Shia’. They applied takfeer on the leaders of the Shias who openly call to their madhab. As for the ignorant masses, these are Muslims, unless if they stick to their madhab after knowing the truth.

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