Seeking the Duniya

Where do we draw the line with regard to the adornments and pleasurable things of this world? There are things which we consider a necessity now, which in olden days were just considered as wants; where should we stop seeking this world?

This is a part of everyone's test. We must have to decide ourselves; we have to look into our lives. The main thing we should try to avoid is to avoid excessiveness.

As it is described by Allah as:

"Verily, the spendthrifts are brothers of the Shayatin (devils),..."[1]

It may be that we consider something a necessity, while it is only our want in reality. If we have it in a limited scale, then we can get by, but where we become addicted to it, and we want to have it in large quantities then we are clearly in error.

Moreover, there are things which one society considers a necessity and other may not, one individual considers it a necessity and other may not. So it has relativity to it, we have to make individual decision for ourselves. However we must take advice of others because sometimes we lose our ability to distinguish and judge because of family or peer pressure. Asking advice from others is better in such cases, and the advice should be taken from those who are pious or reliable sources of information.


[1]  [Qur'an 17:27]


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