Response to those who say that belief in God is a result of blind faith

What is the correct response to those who say that belief in God is a result of blind faith?

The statement that belief in God is usually based on blind faith is commonly made by atheists. They say that their belief that there is no God is a logical belief and that the belief of those who believe in God and are caught up in mass delusion about God is based on blind faith. In response to that claim, we say that the ones who first formalized the rules of logic, the Greek philosophers such as Aristotle and Plato believed in God. They argued for God’s existence logically. They came to the conclusion that there must be a God. Plato argued from the concept of design that the designs indicate a designer. This is mentioned throughout the Qur’an. Allah calls the human beings to reflect upon the creation. We come to the conclusion that a design indicates a designer. When we walk along the beach and see a footprint in the sand, it is normal and logical for us to conclude that some human being had stepped there. It is not normal and logical to think that the tide came in, sunk into the sand and made an impression which looked like a footprint. Even though it is not impossible to happen, that is not how our brains function. The logic of our brain tells us that when we see a footprint, we assume that a human being had stepped there.

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