Referring the case in Court

I am from Bosnia and after the war my mother couldn’t claim her property without having to go through the court to have the Serbs who live in our house move out so she can sell her property. She had hired an attorney and started the process but my sister and her husband say that it is haram to go to the court and that it is better to just let go and give up her house and the piece of land. Please tell us what is best to do in this case to avoid doing what is forbidden

Tell your mother to get her home which is her right and sell it. It is not haram to go through the courts, especially since you are in a non-Muslim land. It is your only means to get your property. If they arrest your brother-in-law unjustly, he will be the first to tell you to get lawyers and fight to get him out of jail. So? Or is he going to tell you it is haram? Don’t get lawyers, don't come to court! Let me rot in jail!

No legitimate Muslim scholar will tell your mother not to go to court.

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