Reasons why Muslims no longer read the Qur’an and benefit from it

The Qur'an in spite of being so advanced and compatible with science or whatever, in spite of it being like that, why is it that the ummah has distanced itself from it?

The reason why Muslims no longer read the Qur’an as it should be read has historical origins. We have a legacy. In the early generations, when Islam spread out of Arabia, people learnt the Arabic language and the Qur’an was read and understood. However, in time when colonial powers entered into the Muslim world and subjugated Muslim countries, the process of their languages evolving into Arabic was stopped. So generations were raised who did not know Arabic. It became to be the language known only to the priest class, the moulanas and the moulvis. They’re the only ones who knew it. And that’s why a need arose for translation. And those moulanas and moulvis were opposed to the translation. They had vested interest, etc, or in ignorance, not understanding that the understanding of the message was critical.

So translations appeared and people had an opportunity to read it more and to understand it more but in spite of those translations, for most Muslims, they are still living the legacy of that earlier period where Muslims didn’t know Arabic and didn’t know what the Qur’an said. And in that period of time, the reading of the Qur’an for “barakah”, for the blessing of, reading it became such a standard custom that it requires generations to break. People have to be educated. They have to understand that this way, this inheritance, this legacy of the past is an evil legacy. It wasn’t good and it needs to be changed. We need to go back and learn the Arabic language, make it a part of our educational systems and at the same time spread the translations, make it well known, make sure that our children who are growing up understand the Qur’an that they read, whether in Ramadan or outside of Ramadan.

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