Moral Responsibility in Dealing with Disputes

Regarding moral values, back in my country, when there is a dispute, we have to go to the court where we get man-made laws. Where does our responsibility lie?

Allah holds us responsible for those things which are within our power where we can make a difference; we can change and correct this. This is where we are held responsible. If a ruler is corrupt, we are not held responsible for the corruptions of the ruler. What we focus on is the area where Allah will judge us in terms of being just fair or unfair. As a community, we can make a change in the rule and we can try to do so in a fashion which is in line with the prophetic way and not taking violent ways where we can take things to our own hands and create more problems than the result. It is better for us to focus on the area that we are, in fact, primarily responsible, because that is what Allah is going to ask us about on the Day of Judgment.

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