Islam – A moral based civilization

What is the distinguishing characteristic of the Islamic civilization?

The pillars of Islam and the pillars of Imaan have moral goals behind them and when these moral goals are implemented in our life, they produce a moral culture, a culture which is most concerned about the moral upbringing of its generation and moral policies of its government. So its main concern is about morality. It is not concern about technology, though technology is also beneficial, but to sacrifice morality for technology is morally wrong. To sacrifice the moral needs of the society for the sake of advanced technology is morally wrong. And this what distinguished the Muslim civilization of the past, it wasn’t the technology because the earliest civilization of Arabia had no technology. Technology was in Rome, Persia, India, and Africa but not in Arabia, so what disguised in the early seed of guidance was its moral uprightness. People stood firm for a moral way of life. That is a distinguish characteristics of Islam, it is a moral based civilization. That’s what Prophet (ﷺ) meant when He said,

"I was sent to perfect good character." [1]

Another civilization is western civilization, which dominates & globalizes its culture, mainly by its technology, and that technology is presented in an immoral package. So the technology is coming but the package is immoral. So our civilization is suffering, because we want the technology but we can’t separate it from the package, we take the package along with it. The only way forward for the Muslim is to go back to that moral foundation, is to rebuild an Islamic moral culture and this is the only way forward us. And to do so, we have to understand the principle of Islamic morality. For that we have to know the pillars of Islam and Imaan because these are the foundations which provide everything else.


[1] Malik Muwatta Book 47, Number 47.1.8

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