Hadith Numbering and Referencing

In our Hadith book, the hadith references are given as: Bukhari (144) [1/322]. Can you please explain what these numbers in the brackets mean?

Are they numbered according to Imam Bukhari's original book, or is it according to a translated version? Why are there two sets of brackets?

Also, sometimes when we search for the same hadith online, it gives different numbers than these. Why is this? Please clarify.

The first number in brackets is the hadith number; the number should be based on the original Arabic version according to a numbering system that was introduced by the late Dr. Abdul Baqi (rahimullah). The second number denotes the volume and the page number, e.g 1/322 means that the hadith is found in Volume one, page 322. If the online search gives different numbers then it means that the numbering is not according to the universal numbering system that I referred to above.

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