Explanation of Surah Jinn, Verse 18

Kindly shed more light on this ayah in Surah Jinn concerning ways of greeting like kneeling down, bowing etc. where Allah says, “wa annal-Masaajida lillaah” [Qur’an 72:18].

The obvious meaning is “The mosques of Allah,” but can it mean the parts of the body with which we worship Allah?

If not, can it be used as justification not to kneel down, or kneeling down is only contradictory to the tradition of Islam and not using the verse to prove that kneeling down is Shirk?

Most Tafseer scholars have mentioned that this verse refers to mosques. However, one opinion states that it refers to the body parts that a person makes sujood with. So yes, it can mean that these body parts are to be used in making sujood to Allah alone, without associating partners with Him in this worship.

 And Allah knows best.

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