Derivation Sources for Usool al-Fiqh

Do the sources (Book of Allah, Prophetic texts, knowledge of Arabic language, the Mind) from which Usool al-Fiqh is derived change with time or individual?

What does ‘the mind’ signify?

No, they do not change. These sources remain the same. However a fatwa may change from time to time and from individual to individual.

These sources are used to attain general principals that can be applied generally to derive to the correct verdict in various issues relating to Shari'a, be it in worship or transaction,etc.

‘The Mind’ means the intellect is a source from where Usool is derived from.


  1. By the use of the intellect we know that something can't be prohibited and permissible at one particular time.
  2. By the use of the intellect (mind) we know that the son can't be older than his father.

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